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Publié à l'origine le 12 octobre 2010, dès les premiers jours du blog, j'ai voulu faire remonter cet article pour y poster les paroles, que j'ai pu mettre en forme grâce à Sara' <3 !! J'espère que vous reconnaitrez le texte de base sans chercher, amis païens !


Ces mots magnifiques sont prêts à aller noircir les pages de Draíochtsean, bien plus que ne l'aurait été la version "originale", avec un beau dessin que j'ai déjà en tête





once in a month, when the moon is full, some secret place shall ye gather.

adore the spirit of me who is queen of all of the wise.


sing and dance, feast and make love, all in my name

for mine is the spirit in ecstasy, mine is joy on earth


mine is the secret that opens the door unto the land of youth.

mine is the cup of wine, of life. cauldron of kerridwen.


i give freedom and i give peace, reunion with those gone before.

i am the mother of all that lives, my love is poured on the earth.


i am the beauty of the green earth, white moon among the stars.

i am the mystery of the waters, desire in the hearts of man.


i call to soul, arise, come to me, for i am the heart of nature.

and i give life to the universe, for i am she.


from me all things do proceed to me they must return.

may your divine, innermost infinite soul, enrapture be embraced.


let my worship be in your heart and rejoice, all acts of love are mine.

let there be beauty, strength, and pleasure, all are my rites.


and you who think to seek for me, know that it avails ye not.

unless you know the mystery, look deep within.


for the hunt i have been with thee since the beginning of time.

and i am that which ye shall attain, the end of desire.




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cerise sur le pinceau 22/06/2011 14:33

très jolie musique, reposante!!!